About us

ÜSTÜNEL ARMATÜR Company was founded in 1976 by Osman MEYDANCI in Karaköy. Since then, it has continued its activities without interruption. Our company, which started to be managed by Ömer Bey's sons Ömer MEYDANCI and Adem MEYDANCI after 2001, has become one of the most stable companies in the sector as a family company. Our company can bring services to even the remotest corners of Turkey in particular has been one of the most important elements of the sector in the promotion of the Anatolian people and artisans. Since 1976, our company has been a luminaire school, and many workers have worked in this company, and it has been one of the reference men of the countless masters industry trained in this company. Our company continues its activities in Ümraniye, Istanbul with its 3000 m2 factory. modernization of fixtures sector in Turkey, nature awareness and understanding of human security-oriented manufacturing sector and its own responsibilities in the development of aesthetic perspective inspired by the Anatolian civilizations amply fulfilled. Adopting the principles of on-time delivery and product quality tracking, it has become one of the companies that received the best feedbacks in the sector regarding customer satisfaction. With its principled finance management, our firm, which has been an error-free commercial record, has made its production stability and financial stability as well as its desired and wanted brand in the world. Our company, which exports to 3 continents, has proved to its own sector that it is an important player in the development and development of our country.

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