About us

Üstünel Musluk Faucet Company was founded in 1976 by Osman MEYDANCI in Karakoy - Istanbul Karakِy Since then it has continued their activities in unremitting. The company began to be adminstered by sons of the Mr. Osman MEYDANCI Mr. ضmer and Mr. Adem MEYDANCI As a family Business Has been one of the most stable companies in the industry. Our company, even in the remotest comers of Turkey that can lead to service, especially with regard to supporting the people of Anatolia and craftsmen has been one of the most important elements to their sector. That company supported Armature sector in the modernization of Turkey, the environment sensitivity and adopted the concept of human security-oriented production. Our Company adopting the principles of Product quality and timely delivery. Our faucets desing inspired by the aesthetic perspective from old Anatolian civilizations, our company, exports are three continents, and we are developing our business to all of the world.

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